Tillberg Design of Sweden

Moving Forward in the new normal.

We all have to take the right measures, and regain the trust of the travelling public. It is a precondition for the continuing of our industry. We are about to see some very fundamen-tal changes to the whole cruising industry in the midst of a massive crisis – from fore to aft, top to bottom.

Our job, as designers together with owners and specialists, is of course to offer the best possible safety onboard, without sacrificing the very reason for leisure travelling. All ships in the Cruise industry are fundamentally safe and well prepared for any demands on health and safety. We will likely have to re-define everything that has any effect on how safe the ships are to travel on. To begin with, it will affect all the offerings onboard, a lot of the hardware, the training and number of crew, onboard equipment, etc. We also don’t want to overreact or create solutions that add concern to an already concerned guest. It still has to be fun and safe to travel, also in the future, not a calculated risk.

In the words of a well-known cruise executive: ”to suggest that overnight, you’re going to take out 40%, 50% or 60% of the inventory and not sell it, might be a very short-term solution to get the wheels moving. But that is not sustainable. Whoever tries to do that will go out of business”.

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