Pennington Manches Cooper

Back to business, but not as usual

The last three months of lockdown have been extremely difficult for all businesses.  Those working in the superyacht sector have no doubt had to grapple with not only employment and safety issues, but also the performance of contracts, associated delays and supply chain issues, and of course extreme financial pressure.  As a firm we have provided advice to our clients on these issues and remain available to help.

On a positive note we are now seeing the world open up again and day on day we are seeing more economic activity.  However, it is by no means back to business as usual, and we are all having to adapt to a new way of working.

As a firm over the last month we have produced a series of question and answer papers covering some of the issues faced on a daily basis by business covering employment, changes to directors’ duties, and financial issues arising from the lockdown.

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12 June (

We hope that you might find these articles of interest, and if you have any specific question please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Sarah Allan, Partner, Penningtons Manches Cooper