Crew-Glue has been specifically designed for the Superyacht industry by qualified experts in the field of team development.

Our fellow partners Thomas Cooper have stated that one of the considerations when underwriting risk, is the churn of crew.


Because a well-established and developed team will deliver a higher degree of safety on-board. They will share accountability and responsibility regardless of their ‘role’ on the boat. Too many crew work with a silo mentality which negates that sense of shared ownership and instead, work in a culture of blame.

The highest levels of engagement encourage star performers to stay. That engagement also impacts positively on the safety, service and collaboration of the crew. That all rests on the premise that the crew trust each other, understand how their roles work together and are communicating properly. Crew-Glue encourages accountability and commitment to the job, the crew and the Captain.

Experienced Captains tell us that developing and investing in their people is one of the most effective ways to keep them. Crew-Glue is for the whole crew, it strips away hierarchies and concentrates on the people inside the uniform and behind the job title, giving everyone the opportunity to be heard and to agree on how to live and work together.

“I see a great benefit in working with crew to facilitate clear communication techniques, based on different personalities and backgrounds. Crew-Glue is a much-needed resource in the Yachting Industry.”

We deliver facilitated events which focus on what is important and how to get things done as a team, providing tools, tips and techniques to manage self, others and time when the pressure is on, and when we have a client, we also stick like glue! No ‘love ‘em and leave ‘em’ from us. This is not a sticking plaster, it is a lifestyle.

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Sara Ballinger – Managing Partner.